Fire Restoration

When a fire occurs it is of both sentimental as well as financial importance to restore what can be saved or cleaned. AccuPro Environmental uses The Caltex fire restoration system to provide the customer with the option of saving their seemingly destroyed belongings. The more quickly items are salvaged, the better shape they will be in. This is true because homes today have many synthetic goods that create chemical reactions that cause items to be often beyond saving within several days. Therefore, it is important to engage in smoke and fire damage restoration promptly. the Caltex System can often help you in this trying time of life by cleaning and saving your items. Soot and smoke damage in clothing, upholstery, curtains, carpets, and other such belongings can be cleaned. This helps avoid the high replacement cost of these belongings.

Why Does Restoration Need to Be Done?  Call (856) 258-6231

Fire is a chemical reaction that involves often as many as 90 chemicals. A typical household or commercial facility has many different types of plastic, metal, cloth, etc. within it. These are fuel for the fire and react to the fire differently as well as melting on one another. Therefore, the end result of a fire is that different causes and contents cause differing end results.

What can we save?

A site assessment is conducted to determine the extent of the damage and what can be cleaned and salvaged. All goods cannot always be salvaged but many times much can be restored. Anyone who has experienced the destructive power of a fire knows just how important it is to restore memories and lifelong possessions.


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What you should leave to the Pros!

There are tasks you don’t want to attempt on your own due to the toxic gases or risk of smoldering ash. Fire restoration services have the proper safety equipment to get the work done without the risks.

 Don’t wipe down the walls, wood trim and furniture or any other absorbent surface.
 Don’t sit on or move upholstered furniture.
 Don’t consume any food product, including canned items, that were exposed to the extreme heat of the fire.
 Don’t turn on home systems like the furnace or air conditioner.
 Stay away from electrical devices like appliances, stereos or TVs, until the fire restoration service deems them safe.

Restoration is the key to rebuilding. Keep AccuPro Environmental number with your other emergency contacts, then call in the professionals to start restoring your home after a fire, or schedule an appointment with us.


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