Mold Remediation

Remediation is the process of cleaning the mold and eliminating the moisture problem. This process is determined by the size of the remediation and whether occupants are experiencing any adverse symptoms that may be related to the mold. Since mold, destroys the surface materials it is on, remediation can preserve the structural integrity of the building. Failure to address a mold problem, ultimately can result in high replacement and rebuild costs.

If you have a mold problem, then you have moisture problem!  Call (856) 258-6231

Mold hides and thrives in between walls, behind paneling, in carpets, above ceiling tiles, inside ductwork, and other places. It can also cause a variety of health problems including allergic reaction, asthma, irritation and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Some mold types produce toxic substances called mycotoxins, which is why it is crucial to contact AccuPro Environmental at the first sign of mold growth.

Inspection and Sampling

We are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe, which is why we provide mold inspection services. If you have a mold or black mold concern, contact us today and will inspect your property and take samples if needed.


Our advanced technology allows us to quickly and efficiently remove mold from your home. We will also locate the source of the problem, an entrance for moisture, and discuss ways to resolve the problem. Moisture can enter through cracks in the walls, a leaky roof, or it can be the result of poor ventilation. Whatever the case, AccuPro Environmental will aid and assist you until the problem is solved.

Cleanup & Removal

After all of the mold has been removed, our team will clean up and leave your home in a better state.


  24/7 Emergency Service

Why does mold need to be remediated?

 To reduce or prevent adverse health problems
 To preserve the integrity of the structure
 To avoid high replacement costs if addressed early on
 To retain the beauty and cosmetic appeal of the structure
 To be able to utilize the room(s) once again
 To preserve resale value of the property

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