Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating…but with our 24/7 services and our certified professionals, AccuPro Environmental can minimize the damage and return your home to a safe state in a timely fashion. Our professionals will monitor every step of the water restoration process to ensure that your property is safe, healthy and sanitary.

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Water damage – be it from internal flooding or external natural flooding – can be an extremely dangerous situation for you, your family, your neighbors and your pets. Prior to doing anything in and around your house you must assess the danger situation at hand. Is it safe to stay in your house? Be especially careful of electrical issues as well as all potentially slippery surfaces. Additionally, wet items and materials can be very heavy when water logged

We restore and repair property from all types of water damage including:

      Flooding from severe weather
      Broken/Frozen pipes
      Leaky Roof
      Water heater failure
      Plumbing/Sewage backups
      Laundry, dishwasher, sump pump failure
      Sink, tub and toilet overflow

  24/7 Emergency Service

What NOT To Do After Flooding

  Don’t ignore obvious signs of rising area water levels.
  Don’t use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water.
  Don’t use any electrical items that you don’t have to.

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